• 1 - How does the ICO work?

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  • 2 - How do I contribute?

    Directly through the website Levelnet.co
  • 3 - Can I purchase from exchange?

    Directly through the website Levelnet.co
  • 4 - What is the minimum purchase?

    One token is the min purchase
  • 5 - What is the minimum funding goal?

    The min. funding goal is $1.5M
  • 6 - What if the minimum is not achieved?

    There will be a second funding round
  • 7 - How do I see my bonus?

    You can see your bonus by login into your account on levelnet.co or orderbook.io ( your login credential will work on both)
  • 8 - Is there a discount for a bulk purchase?

    Yes! Check out our Bonus structure in the Whitepaper or on the ICO website
  • 9 - How do I know my ETH won't be stolen?

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  • 10 - What platforms will the token trade on after the ICO?

    • Orderbook.io
    • livecoin.net
    • hitbtc.com
    • liqui.io
    • c-cex.com
    • dabtc.com
  • 11 - Has this project been regulated in the US? Can contibutors in the USA participate?

  • 12 - You will destroy unsold tokens?

  • 13 - What will be with project, if you do not collect max cap?

    There will be a second funding round.
  • 14 - What is your current address of your company?Where you company based? Can you give to us more official information please?

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  • 15 - Your Legal Structure Is this for avoiding government hurdles experienced by other startups in the USA?

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  • 16 - Why do the LVL tokens need to get converted into LVLS tokens in phase 2?

    The exchange of tokens is not mandatory. Possession of different tokens opens different possibilities before their holders. Read more about LVL vs LVLS tokens in our Whitepaper section titled: Token Offering
  • 17 - What is the status of your end-user app?

    We currently have a working prototype
  • 18 - Why are you creating an investment fund?

    The LevelNet strategy is the unification of cyber security solutions. One of the opportunities for implementing this strategy is to absorb small regional players and introduce LevelNet technologies into their products
  • 19 - What do I get for an LVL token?

    Check out our Token Offering Summary in the Whitepaper
  • 20 - How does the presale work?

    The Pre-Sale will be 15 days long with a minimum purchase of $25,000 equivelents in BTC or Eth.
    From $50 ,000 + will be discounted at 40%
    $ 25 000 to $ 50 000 will be discounted at 30%
  • 21 - For how long will the ICO be running?

    30 days
  • 22 - Can we add the token to myetherwallet ? How do I do it?

    You can transfer your tokens to a wallet of your choosing after the ICO sale closes.
  • 23 - What's the minimum cap/maximum cap for this project?

    The cap is approximatly $ 54M, of which $ 18.5M is spent on development and implementation of the project. The remaining funds are returned to the participants
  • 24 - What all cryptocurrencies are accepted for this ICO?

    BTC and Eth
  • 25 - Are the tokens instantly transferable or is there some kind of lockup period to them?

    You can transfer your tokens once the ICO is completed.
  • 26 - Is there a limit to the total coin supply?

    We are releasing 70,000,000 LVL
  • 27 - Will you accept LTC for the token sale or just Ethereum?

  • 28 - Where is any proof that you have the target markets interest?

    Please read our 'Market Overview' in the Whitepaper
  • 29 - Can you explain what this service for?

    We will provide the best anti-virus protection for personal and enterprise users by combining the power and resources of existing softwares layered into our network.
  • 30 - Can I mine your coin?

  • 31 - If you didn't participate in the ICO but are now the owner of an LVL token do you still get to participate in the offerings?
    Is it monthly or annual?

    Yes, you will have all the features that a token provides. LVL token presents monthly opportinities. LVLS will provide annually opprtunities
  • 32 - What is the minimum for the ICO?

    Our min is $1.5M
  • 33 - When will we LVL be listed in an exchange?

    Within six (6) weeks of the close of the ICO
  • 34 - When will the social media bounty will be paid?

    Within two (2) weeks after the close of the ICO