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FAQ: all you need to know about Cyber Security Platform LevelNet

? What it is?
LevelNet integrates virtually all existing anti-virus technologies into one simple, user-friendly application. This distributed system enables participants to share threat data globally and in real time, allowing the entire system to become much smarter, much faster than any single cybersecurity provider can today. LevelNet significantly boosts the capabilities of any user installed anti-virus program. If a user has no security applications installed, LevelNet can take advantage of its distributed network platform and act as a self-standing application. Today’s cybersecurity solutions are limited. As one of the main providers finds a threat, it often takes significant time for that knowledge to be distributed across the entire system. New malware takes advantage of this time window to infect the greatest number of devices. LevelNet creates an integrated, global, and immediately responsive system to stop more malwaremore rapidly than it was heretofore possible
? When will it be possible to test the product itself? In what phase and when will it be released?
To date, we have a full-fledged prototype. You can watch a video to see its operation, or we can hold a private demonstration for you. The closed alpha will be available for testing, presumably, at the end of Q3 2018. The opened beta-version - at the end of Q1 2019.
? I looked at the site - is it a new antivirus?
Not exactly. As we wrote above, LevelNet is a distributed network where each participant interacts with the others through a shared server. Thus, as soon as any user has information about a new threat, this information is immediately transferred to the server, and further to all other network members. Thus, within a few minutes after the alarm signal, all computers are protected. In a few words, the basic principle can be described as "Security of one is security of all". Thus, the application takes on the functions of an antivirus and blocks the attacks, even if your AV software does not cope with the virus or you have no antivirus installed at all.
? I have a business, I would like to protect my corporate network. Is this possible?
Surely, yes. LevelNet will be available for the B2B sector in the form of a corporate version. Several packages are planned, but all of them will include a wide range of services to integrate with existing cybersecurity tools, configuration and further maintenance. You can familiarize yourself with services for business on the website in the section for corporate clients
? How will signals be processed about unknown or suspicious files or new threats?
A qualified cyber-security specialist will always be on guard. Shouls there be any doubts that the received signal is really dangerous, the expert will check it manually. The result of the test will also be instantly passed to the network. There is also an automatic check through the third-party automated check services.
? What are your advantages with respect to any other antivirus or firewall?
We are not superior! We cooperate with them! The utility works in cooperation with installed antivirus/firewall/etc, and significantly increases the overall security level. We do not compete with other software, we help them, among other things.
? I do not understand. Please, give an example
For example: User #1 was subjected to a virus attack on the Internet and has the Avast antivirus installed, which blocked the attack. User #2 has undergone exactly the same attack, but his NOD32 failed to detect this attack because this type of threat is missing in its database. User # 3 has no antivirus installed at all. Result: Users #2 and #3 were infected with the virus. Should Users #1, #2, and #3 haму LevelNet installed, their systems would not be infected with the virus. LevelNet would block this threat on all devices. To better understand the video (the link below), just imagine that virtual machines are computers of different users from different parts of the world. Please watch the video to the end, where Pavel Shklyaev, CEO of LevelNet, will answer some questions.
? What is the cost of using LevelNet utility?
LevelNet’s business model assumes a system of free distribution for up to 2 years. Once the goal of reaching a customer base of one million users is achieved, then LevelNet will pivot to a freemium model with the following breakdown: o 69% unpaid users; o 25% of users paying a $0.99/month nominal fee (for additional premium features); o 5% of users on a $9.99/month plan; o 1% of users on a $99.99/month corporate plan.
? Will your program collect my personal information?
No, LevelNet only operates on data that is required to detect obvious or hidden threats, and to send information about them to the server as soon as possible. The program does not collect any personal data and does not identify the users. Moreover, the program client will be available in the source code so that everyone can see for themselves what data the utility is dealing with
? Why should I need another antivirus software?
To benefit from the maximum level of protection. A protection that is constantly learning from each network member in real time
? Will installing your software affect the operation of my antivirus/firewall?
No. This is one of the main tasks - the operation of our and third-party software simultaneously and with maximum productivity.
? Will LevelNet only signal unknown or suspicious files?
All information for analysis and updating the common threat database will be used. If your antivirus has "caught" a spyware which is known to it, LevelNet will also add it to the general database in case anyone else in the antivirus threat database does not yet have this software. This provides protection for all.
? Will not the giants of the industry oppose your product?
First of all, there are no grounds for this, as LevelNet itself does not select its users. We offer a new level of security and focus on the fact that the best performance will be provided in cooperation with third-party solutions.
? When ICO will be started? Why did you postponed ICO?
Such postponement of the dates is due to the fact that during the preparation, there were several changes in the US legal framework. In turn, we plan to carry out ICO in full compliance with all regulatory acts. In addition, we checked the market interest in our product and in ICO, and we identified a number of user requirements and made changes to our strategy for ICO. Until the lawyers brought the entire package of documents of the company into compliance, we could not announce the exact sales start dates. To date, all legal issues have been settled, and we are ready to begin the preliminary sale of tokens (public Pre-Sale). Dates of the Pre-Sale: 20.04.2018. After its completion, the main phase of the ICO will start, the exact date of which will be announced in March 2018.
? How much money do you plan to raise?
Our targets for the public Pre-Sale and ICO: Soft cap: $1.500.000 Hard cap: $12.000.000
? How much money have you collected at the pre-ICO?
During the closed Pre-Sale, more than half a million US dollars have been raised
? How many tokens have you issued?
The number of tokens is fixed and is 1.500.000.000.
? What is the token price?
The price of one token is $ 0.01. In addition, there are bonuses for investors at various ICO phases. Depending on the amount of funds raised, the bonus can vary. For example: until Soft Cap is reached, the bonus is 10% and 15% for WhiteList members.
? How much should I invest?
There are no restrictions, we accept any amount. However, you should remember and take into account the fee that the network of the Ethereum and bitcoin charges for their transactions (in case of small amounts, the fee can be commensurate with the amount of the transaction itself). According to our estimates, the optimal amount is $200 and more.
? If I plan to invest a large amount, are there any special terms
Yes, special terms for large investors can be discussed directly with the CEO Pavel Shklyaev or the COO Anton Aksenov. The fastest way to contact them is the LevelNet’s official Telegram group.
? How does the bonus model work?
At the earlier stages of the token sales, the participants have the opportunity to get a higher discount.
? How long will the token sales last?
In general, the token sales will last 2 months, of which 1 month of Pre-Sale, then the main stage of ICO will begin, which will also last 1 month. We reserve the right to extend the deadline for closing the hard-cap, if necessary, but not more than a month. Also, ICO can be terminated ahead of schedule provided that all the tokens intended for sale are sold or after Hard Cap is reached.
? On which stock exchanges will the token be traded?
The results of the listing will strongly depend on the ICO outcome. From the legal point of view, we spent 4 months of our work to get within the legal framework and meet the requirements of all stock exchanges. Now we are already negotiating with more than 7 stock exchanges, and with some of them, preliminary agreements have been reached. The project management makes every effort to list the token on the largest stock exchanges: Binance HitBTC Poloniex Kraken The secondary task is to list on the following stock exchanges: Bitfinex Bittrex LiveCoin Other stock exchanges will be added on users’ requests, so you can specify the desired stock exchanges, and if the number of users is sufficient, we will make a listing on these exchanges.
? What currencies are accepted for token payment?
In bitcoins (BTC), lightcoins (LTC), Etherums (ETH) or via bank transfer in US dollars (USD). It is also possible to make a payment with a VISA card through the StartEngine platform.
? Why do you need the second phase of ICO?
The second phase of the ICO will be an investment one. During the second phase, LVLS tokens will be issued, which can be obtained by exchanging LVL tokens for them. The investment phase is needed so that the project can grow and implement the marketing strategy for aggregating the fragmented market.
? What is the difference between the first phase LVL token and the second phase LVLS token?
Token owners can use the LevelNet services, the LevelNet ecosystem and all products of the system, in addition to the obtained right to use intellectual property objects. At the second stage of the project implementation, it will be possible to exchange tokens for cryptoshares (LVLS). LVLS owners will be granted shareholder rights and the right to get profit on shares; shareholders have the right to elect the supervisory committee, to appoint the Board members, and to choose the main fields of the Fund’s investments and expenditures.
? What is the LVL token type?
LVL is a utility token that allows you to access the entire LevelNet ecosystem and all system products, in addition to preferential right to exchange LVL tokens for LVLS. More details about the exchange procedure can be found in our WP:, pages 20-21.
? How to join your ICO?
First you need to register with the Whitelist. A few days before the Pre-Sale start, all approved participants will receive an information letter with detailed instructions. The main requirement is registration of your account on our site with the mandatory use of the same email address as when registering with the WhiteList.
? How are tokens distributed?
The issued tokens are distributed as follows: Investors and participants 80% Advisors and mentors 5% Optional pool 5% Wings platform 3% Bounty program 2% + 5% Airdrop
? What will the collected money be spent for?
The raised money will be distributed among the Company’s funds and used to develop and implement the product, for operational and organizational activities, while part of it will be reserved for unforeseen circumstances and wages.
? When is the token scheduled for listing on stock exchanges?
Typically, the listing is carried out within a few weeks after completing ICO.
? When is the ICO second phase planned?
The second ICO phase is planned for Q4 2018.
? How will the LVL token be exchanged to LVLS?
Each LVL token owner will have the right to exchange it for a LVLS token. The exchange of LVL tokens to LVLS tokens will be carried out through the investor's personal account, which can be accessed through All qualified holders of LVL tokens will have the pre-emptive rights to purchase unallocated LVLS. (in the US, "qualified investors" only can get LVLS tokens).
? What is the security of the token? (LVL and LVLS)
LVL is secures with the price to be paid for obtaining LevelNet services. LVLS is secured with a share in the Company.
? Do I need to undergo a KYC/AML procedure?
When buying tokens LVL up to 20 ETH, there is no mandatory KYC / AML procedure, but we reserve the right (at will or at the request of the regulator) to ask you to pass it at any time.
? How is the token provided with liquidity?
The company understands the importance of post-marketing after listing on stock exchanges. We have big plans for this, such as constantly informing the public about the intermediate results of the project, financial performance and technological milestones (monthly, quarterly and annual reports), etc.
? How can I earn on your ICO or token?
There are several ways to make money on our tokens. Of course, one of the options is market speculation on the growth/drop of the token value, the opportunity to sell it at a higher price that at the time of buying. An additional option is the exchange of the LVL token for LVLS during the second phase. LVLS tokens will allow owners to participate in the profit distribution, to get dividends. Another step is to purchase corporate licenses for access to LevelNet services and further resale of the same.
? Why your token will grow in price?
We have no right to make promises regarding the growth of the token value. However, if you analyze the existing companies, the determining factor in the increase in value is product development, evolution and team achievements, as well as many other factors. We plan to develop our product and to grow as a business, hence the price of our tokens also has growth prospects.
? Do you have a referral program? How does it work?
A referral program does exist. You have the opportunity to earn 10% of the investment amount provided to us by users. Contact us by e-mail to discuss the terms: [email protected]
? I specified a wrong email when registering with WhiteList
You should resend the registration application and specify the correct email. Before you reapply, you need to clean your browser's cache.
? I specified a wrong ETH wallet when registering with WhiteList
Contact any administrator in the official Telegram group, we will help you to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.
? Will WhiteList be open before the start of the public pre-sale?
We will make it open before the start of public sales.
? Can you specify what is the average investment amount among the approved WhiteLists?
The average amount of payment specified by the participants upon registration with the Whitelist is $ 1,300.
? When will the tokens become available for the transfer?
Tokens will be available for transfer at the end of all ICO rounds within a few days.
? How many people are registered with WhiteList now?
Currently, more than 1000 users are registered with the Whitelist.
? For what amount are there people now in the WhiteList?
At the time of writing the FAQ, the Whitelist included registered applications for more than $ 5 million.
? Can I pay using VISA or Mastercard?
Yes. You can follow the link, register there and make a payment through your VISA card. Startengine is a crowdsport platform, one of the US leaders, which has been operating on the market for more than 5 years.
? If I paid through StartEngine how do I get my tokens?
Tokens will be credited to your account on our website. VERY IMPORTANT!!! Email used when registering on our website and on StartEngine should be the same. This greatly simplifies the data synchronization process.
? Why are you create partnerships? How to become your partner?
Partnerships are needed to expand the scope of activities, the number of potential users, to attract new users, and much more. As a rule, a mutually beneficial partnership is concluded. To consider the options for interaction, you can send your proposal to us by e-mail: [email protected]
? Do you have a referral program for webmasters?
Yes. For detailed information, please contact us via the official Telegram group or by e-mail: [email protected]
? Why did you reduced your Hard-Cap?
Our decision to destroy the tokens and to issue new ones for 1.5 billion (for sale) is due to the fact that we had to abandon the original model for allocating money by funds. Also, the issue of new tokens in a larger amount gives your greater opportunities for trading on stock exchanges. We no longer plan to create a MoneyBack Fund and a BuyBack Fund, as their features did not meet certain legal requirements of regulators in some countries. Reducing Hard Cap will not affect the overall economic climate of the project.
? Why did you remove BuyBack and Money Back funds?
Because their features did not meet the legal requirements of regulators of some countries.
? How are funds allocated after the collection?
The raised funds will be allocated for the project implementation (wages to engineers, marketing, operating expenses, office expenses, etc.)
? Why do you have such advisers and no McAfee and other famous ones?
Among our advisors, there are experts in their businesses, experienced specialists in cybersecurity development. Well, what about McAfee - do you really think they can be useful? =)
? Why did you remove the token liquidity support?
This feature did not comply with legal norms in some countries, that is why we had to abandon this idea and conclude an agreement with a subcontractor who has the necessary powers and licenses for this.
? Why is the value of the token equal to $ 0.01?
1. This price is due to the relationship between the amount of Hard Cap ($ 12M) and the number of tokens offered for sale (1.2 billion). 2. Lower cost makes the token and access to the project available to a wider range of users.
? What does your token provide? (LVL)
LVL token holders can use the services of LevelNet, the LevelNet ecosystem and all products of the system, in addition to the right to use intellectual property. At the second stage of the project implementation, it will be possible to exchange tokens for cryptoshares (LVLS).
? What does your token provide? (LVLS)
LVLS holders will own property rights and rights to profits distribution; they will have the right to be elected to the supervisory committee, to appoint members of the Board of Directors, to choose the main fields of investment and the Company’s expenses.
? What is the ETH address of your smart contract?
? Why do not I get tokens immediately, but only after ICO?
This is done to prevent the over-the-counter turnover of tokens before the ICO end. We want to provide equal conditions for all. We also need to comply with the laws of some countries that impose restrictions on the transfer of ICO end-to-end certificates.
? Can US citizens participate in your ICO?
Yes, they can. For US citizens, the following classification is provided: If you purchase a token to use LevelNet services, you can purchase it through your account on our website. If you buy it for speculative purposes, then you will need to make a purchase through Startengine. This separation occurs at the registration stage. It was done in order to meet the legal requirements in the USA. In case you try to deceive us, we reserve the right to impose restrictions on the transfer of tokens for suspicious transactions (for US citizens).
? What are the restrictions in your ICO? For which countries do you have restrictions?
No restrictions. Citizens of any country can take part in our ICO. We reserve the right at any time to ask anyone to pass the KYC / AML procedure.
? Why does the data on the site listings do not match your site?
In the course of work, the start dates of our token sales have been slightly changed; therefore, the initial data, as communicated to some listings, is not true. We are working on this to timely update the data in all listings. Any changes in the date were due mainly to the change in the legal rules of the countries where ICO and sales are carried out to identify potentially hazardous places in terms of legislation and regulation.
? What are the phases of your ICO token?
There are 3 phases: Private Pre-Sale (closed with $584k), Public Pre-Sale, and the ICO main phases that consists of several rounds.
? Why should I invest in your project?
We are changing the world and want to make a good product for security. You decide whether to change it with us or not. In addition, it is a growing and promising market, we have a good idea of a product for which high demand is expected.
? What, in your opinion, are the prospects for the projet investors?
According to CAGR estimates, the growth of the cybersecurity sector is significant and sustainable (9.5%) in 2016 to 2021. This high-quality market along with sustainable growth is ideal for investors looking for attractive and potentially lucrative offers.
? Tell me about bonuses
0-$1.5m - 10% $1.5m-$5m - 7% $5m-$7m - 5% $7m-$12m - 3% For the WhiteList members, the bonus is 15% and limited to 2 weeks from the start of public sales.
? Why do US citizens have to invest through Startengine for speculative purposes?
It is due to the legislation. We comply with the US law and sell tokens according to the requirements of the regulator according to section D. More details can be found here:
? Can I pay in USD or by Visa?
Yes. You need to choose the desired method of payment (currency) in your account and you will be redirected to StartEngine
? Tell me more
What do you want to know? I can tell you about the project and technology, about the token and ICO. I will be glad to tell you this.
? What gives me my membership in WhiteList?
Registration with Whitelist entitles you to participate in Pre-Sale and to get a bonus of 15%. It also guarantees the purchase of tokens. First of all, the tokens will be available for sale only to the Whitelist members.
? Is the issue of your tokens fraud?
Any company will immediately respond to you: "Not at all, we are fair and honest." We will tell some arguments to the contrary. However, everyone draws his or her own conclusions. We work as a legal entity registered in the US, LevelNet Inc, California, the registration number C4046746. - All team members have professional profiles in LinkedIn, created not yesterday or last week. - Our software developers have experience with such industry leaders as Kaspersky, FireEye, AMD, Intel, McAfee and Checkpoint (and this can also be verified). - We strive to make the world better, and surfing and work on the Internet is safer. And this is somehow not very good with fraud :) - You can contact our team via the Telegram messenger:
? Why is the token price is $ 0.01?
The price is based on market indicators and world practice. The token will be global and it is also planned to charge it for information about suspicious files, but so far we have not disclosed, as the technical feasibility is being studied.
? Why hard cap is $12M?
This is due to the economic model and Company’s development. More details are available in our financial model.
? Как мне купить ваши токены?
Please contact the Telegram official group if you need help. Support managers will help you understand it.
? Why is the soft cap is $ 1.5M and what is it made of?
Based on the minimum requirements to product development. A more detailed development plan and costs can be found in the financial model in the Documents section.
? How does your platform work?
LevelNet is essentially a network where each user exchanges information about IT security incidents (viruses and any other computer threats) detected on their device with other users in real time. This above process is done to prevent attacks directed at any device connected to the network. Network users agree to exchange such information beforehand. Threat detection is performed by monitoring the response of security systems installed on the user’s device. The response is analyzed by the client programs that are located both on the user device and outside of it on other nodes of the network. We will soon begin testing the alpha version of the product involving experts in cybersecurity.
? Will the problem of vulnerabilities in cybersecurity be solved?
If you imagine the concept of cybersecurity as a protective wall, then LevelNet is someone or something that constantly monitors this wall for holes, cracks, hidden passages and quickly eliminates all these "holes" in real time.... LevelNet is a solution for online cybersecurity, which uses all relevant data available from various antivirus applications and platforms. The utility integrates with any existing cybersecurity solution to improve overall performance. Level Network facilitates instant data exchange between users and the fastest elimination of malware. The goal of LevelNet is to curb existing threats while strengthening measures against the future ones. Security of one is security of all. P.S. While you are reading this text, attackers are trying to infect your device.
? Any malware uses cryptor, morphing or wrapper, which makes each file unique, which means that each file has is own hash sum.
Hashing files is used to quickly search for ALREADY KNOWN objects. It speeds up the algorithm that makes exceptions for trusted software that does not need any additional analysis. Detection of malicious objects, including those modified with the help of "morphers, cryptors and packers" is carried out through white lists.
? It is impossible to check whether there was a real or fake report on the infected file. Anyone can create a program that will send millions of false reports, including for legitimate software.
Reports about malicious objects from LevelNet client applications are not sufficient for classifying these objects as malicious. This decision is made on intermediate supernodes, messages from which, in turn, are signed with a security key.
? In actual conditions, the necessary time for data transfer through the P2P network will be at least a few minutes. However, if you check the report with the file on the server, it can take a long time. If all resources are used, the report can be checked in a few days.
Each user can verify the speed and efficiency of information dissemination within the p2p networks by the example of p2p file clients (like bittorent), which allow exchanging huge amounts of data with extremely high speed and get maximum throughput capacity. Checking reports on doubtful or suspicious files is a priority task for our experts.
? The client downloads files from the computer without the user’s consent, which is a violation of confidentiality and can lead to leakage of the user’s important information. In addition, the executable file is simply uploaded to the server, and its size can be hundreds of megabytes and even a few gigabytes.
This statement is not true. Functioning of the LevelNet network does not need collecting any personal data. All objects are represented only by their hash-sums, based on which, as is known, it is impossible to restore the contents of such object or its affiliation.
? Even if you completely load the required file and try to perform a dynamic analysis on the server, it may simply not start due to the lack of necessary libraries.
Dynamic analysis is not provided in the first versions of the application, it will be added later, so it is not carried out.
? Why is it not done? Does this reduce security?
Dynamic analysis is the next phase of the project development; it is very difficult to implement it in the first phase. For example: you need to deploy thousands of virtual machines and repeat each user's environment in order to avoid problems due to the lack of libraries on which the work of the test sample can depend. If, for example, a test sample can run only in a certain environment, then it will be almost impossible to test it on a standard operating system.
? Antiviruses are already exchanging antivirus databases with each other, so creating such software makes no sense.
First, antivirus products do not exchange databases with their competitors. Secondly, the speed of updating antivirus database is estimated in hours; they use client-server connection protocols in which client devices do not contact each other.
? This project will never replace full-fledged antiviruses, since they feature heuristic analysis and proactive protection, which allows detecting suspicious threats or actions.
LevelNet does not perform heuristic analysis and does not provide proactive protection for one reason: there is no need for this. LevelNet is not just another antivirus with all its inherent drawbacks, such as inefficiencies in malware detection algorithms, the device slowdown, hard resource consumption, etc. That is why we are not trying to become another antivirus or replace the same.
? LevelNet can not protect against the implementation of the shell code through vulnerabilities. It is impossible to recognize web exploits.
Virtually in all cases, running the shell code entails an additional load onto the disk and the subsequent launch of a malicious executable module, which will be immediately detected and blocked by the LevelNet client. Due to the limitations of bytecode execution in RAM, no serious actions can be performed without saving the shell-code to the disk.
? Buying thousands of proxy servers and sending false reports from each IP address is not a big problem, thereby manipulating statistics in the LevelNet database. How can you check whether a report is real or not?
Reports about malicious objects from LevelNet client applications are not sufficient for classifying these objects as malicious. This decision is made on the intermediate supernodes, messages from which, in turn, are signed with a security key. Thus, false reports will be filtered at this stage.
? Please, provide more details.
See for more details in WP on the page: Protection Based on LevelNet and the Dynamic Whitelist
? Tell us more about your business model, please.
Advantages of the platform with automatic updates as compared an individual stand-alone package of antivirus software: ● Users can combine the features provided by their information security software. This significantly increases the level of threat detection and overall network security. ● Corporate members of the Network use additional features, such as private APIs and SDKs. ● According to our forecasts, the number of devices connected to the LevelNet network will exceed 100 million within the next 5 years. ● The LevelNet business model assumes free distribution of the system for a period of up to 2 years. Once the target of one million users is reached, LevelNet will migrate to the shareware model with the following breakdown: ○ 69% of free users; ○ 25% users who pay $ 0.99 for a monthly subscription (for additional premium features); ○ 5% users pay a fee of $ 9.99 per month; ○ 1% users pay $ 99.99 per month in accordance with the corporate tariff plan.
? Are you planning to charge a fee?
No free as such is provided. A paid package of services has been developed for the corporate sector.
? How do you plan to earn money?
The issue of cybersecurity is extremely urgent in the modern world. The turnover of the antivirus software market is estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars per year. LevelNet has no analogues at the moment, so we are counting on our niche. In addition, with the Company’s growth and development, the value of tokens will grow, which provides our investor’s welfare. You can find out more in detail with our business model and financial model in the Documents section on the website:
? With whom of the partners have you already agreed?
ChronoBank, MicroMoney and others, the full list is in the "Partnership" section on the site:
? What anti-virus companies did you agree with?
So far, we have agreed with two antivirus companies from Ukraine and India on the integration of LevelNEt technology in their products. These two companies have a total of 80M users.
? From which market are you planning to start?
First of all, we are aimed at companies based in the US, Asia and Europe, since these are the most economically developed regions with a large number of large and medium-sized businesses.
? What will happen if some cybersecurity giant wants to buy you? Why do you think they will not be able to catch up with you and make the same product?
By the time they understand all the advantages of our approach, it will be quite difficult to both to overtake and buy us. Seriously, this is not an easy question, we aim to develop our company and become an equally large player.
? Who do you consider to be your competitors?
We do not have direct competitors. In addition, based on the available information, no one has developed such a plan to date. Indirect competitors are Virustotal and other antiviral scan aggregators. Although, as usually, they can appear.
? Why is it important to appreciate the competition? What is your position towards your competitors?
Competition is what makes a person/team/company get better; in fact, it is an accelerator of the production process. Therefore, we are very sensible and respectful towards our competitors.

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Using the LevelNet Endpoint Security App without antivirus software installed

An unidentified object gets into the user’s device where no AV software is installed
LevelNet Endpoint Security App registers the fact of an unidentified object penetration
Depending on the operating mode, LevelNet Endpoint Security App either blocks this unidentified object, or sends it to be verified in the P2P Network
Information about the unidentified object is registered on LevelNet Servers to be validated against False/Positive and malware attack protection
According to the verification results, if the object is not harmful, all LevelNet users are permitted to use it.
If a threat was detected, information is rapidly distributed within the LevelNet network in order to prohibit the use of this object

Using LevelNet Endpoint Security App with AV software not receptive to a new threat

New, previously unidentified threat gets into the user’s device, where AV software is installed
AV software allows the use of a malicious object, due to the fact that it is not recognized as a threat.
LevelNet Endpoint Security App registers the fact of unidentified object penetration and passes the related information to the P2P network
Threat description is registered on LevelNet Servers to be verified against False/Positive and malware attack protection.
According to the verification results, it is decided to block the threat. Information about the threat is distributed within LevelNet network due to P2P architecture
All user devices with LevelNet Endpoint Security App installed are protected from previously unknown threat.

Using LevelNet Endpoint Security App with installed AV software can detect a threat

An unidentified threat gets into the user’s device, where AV software is installed
AV software registers the fact of an identified object penetration
LevelNet Endpoint Security App registers the AV software response and passes the related information to the P2P network
Threat description is registered on LevelNet Servers to be verified against False/Positive and malware attack protection.
If the threat is confirmed, information about the threat is promptly distributed within the LevelNet network due to P2P architecture
All the user devices with LevelNet Endpoint Security App installed are protected from this type of threat

Get 99% Attacks Prevented

Major antivirus industry player is routinely scoring no better than 80% reactive combined with a 70% proactive

LevelNet Platform gathers data from each end-user device during an attack. It's make protection effective up to 99%

Your Benefits With LevelNet

Check files with reputation service without uploading into Cloud - MORE SAFETY
Detecting threats before your antivirus identifies them
Data Security BUDGET REDUCE by using only one solution
Centralized file and reputation monitoring inside the corporate network - DATA CONFIDENTIALITY
click fraud detection